Innovation-Driven Phenomena ​for K-5 Classrooms

CreositySpace is a unique inquiry-based, learner-directed science curriculum that connects ALL K-5 students to science and capitalizes on their creativity and curiosity at a time when they ask, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”

Our instructional materials connect young learners—as well as their teachers and family members—to foundational STEM concepts through invention, while giving students practice with tools and processes common to science and engineering.

CreositySpace curriculum introduces students to the stories and innovations of STEM entrepreneurs from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. These stories help students connect what they are learning to their lived experiences and expand their perception of potential career opportunities.

CreositySpace’s commitment to showcasing the diversity in what science is, how science is used, and who uses science, supports a positive message that science is for everyone.

CreositySpace helps teachers and administrators make meaningful change in their students’ self-confidence and career aspirations around science. Let us do the same for you!

“The more people you have in STEM, the more innovations you’ll get. The problem begins for children of all backgrounds in grade school, where they are usually asked to memorize facts out of a book instead of satisfying their natural curiosity through experiments and exploring.” 
– Mae Jemison

Jemison is the first black woman astronaut and holds both a medical degree and a bachelor degree in chemical engineering

Entrepreneurship Democratizes Science

Our Mission

CreositySpace teaches students how to use science to change their world.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

Famously attributed to Marian Wright Edelman, the quote above highlights the importance of representation in a child’s development of self and what they believe is possible for their future.

CreositySpace believes in–and supports–the importance of representation. We consider it a priority and endeavor to select entrepreneurs from all walks of life and backgrounds to include in the Book of Ideas, STEM kits, and curriculum units, who represent the diversity of people working in science.

Our Story

Throughout elementary school, my son Will eagerly shared his ideas and inventions with me. They ranged from mechanical parts to help victims with brain injuries and nano solar chips in urban sidewalks, to prosthetic limbs controlled by brain signals for military personnel, and using pineapple enzymes to kill cancer cells.

Will applied what he learned in school with things he learned on his own to address real world problems, as well as begin to explore career paths. In 2nd grade he wanted to start an energy club for his 3rd grade class, but time, staffing, and a venue were not available at his school. Instead, I brought in 5 cleantech entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to share their stories and innovations, answer questions, and work on hands-on activities with his class. And that is when Will added his first job to his resume—co-founder of CreositySpace.

Will loves science but struggled with math. He loves history and has a flair for writing, but would rather make something than fill out another worksheet. There are so many kids like him. Some will pursue STEM degrees. Others will pursue non-STEM degrees giving them the skills to participate in the STEM economy through numerous career paths that advance, support, and promote the inventions and innovations of scientists and engineers.

Engaging both STEM-inclined and STEM-curious students is how we build and maintain a vibrant innovation economy.

Our Team

Bringing together the STEM-Degreed and the STEM-Inspired

Senior Leadership


Peg Zokowski



Katharine Geramita


Curriculum Development


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Advisory Panel


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Meeting Teachers & Students Where They’re at

“As a teacher, the breadth and flexibility of the CreositySpace provided content has enabled me to weave STEM concepts into my Common Core lessons keeping the content current, exciting, and real for my students. CreositySpace has enhanced my instruction and forever changed my approach to my students and my craft.” — Tricia, Grade 3 Teacher

“CreositySpace allowed me to present knowledge to my students that I would never have been able to do on my own.” — Kris, Grade 3 Teacher

“Our students are so excited before each presentation wondering what the new presentation will be about. They come back to class very enthusiastic about the topic that they just learned about. We have heard from parents that the students share information at home with their families. We find that the children are beginning to look around their environment a bit differently.”  — Miller Hill Elementary School Teachers

“My students all have learning disabilities of some kind. The module still allowed for them to participate fully, and even pulled on many of their strengths. The lessons were flexible enough to be broken into two days or started in the morning and finished in the afternoon. They also were explicit enough making implementation easy, while still allowing for [me] to be creative.
The lessons strongly encourage students to be creative and tie directly into the NexGen Science Standards, specifically the engineering piece. The supplemental activities were perfect for using during literacy stations and tied directly into Common Core.” —Kara, Special Education Elementary Teacher

Students & Parents

“Thanks in no small part to this creative curriculum, our daughter Natalie has not only embraced everything STEM, but has taken it to another level—being inspired to not only excel in the classroom but to take what she’s learning outside the classroom by creating on her own and then sharing it with her teacher and classmates. The focus on real world applications and lessons has helped expand Natalie’s already amazing imagination in ways that are hard to describe. [She] has learned how important STEM is and how the lessons learned literally tie into nearly every aspect of everyday life, including how we can improve conditions in a variety of ways for all who inhabit this planet for generations to come.”  —Parent

“CreositySpace gives us a chance to learn about something we normally wouldn’t. I liked Tumalow’s presentation. It’s cool how we can store electricity so buildings can have it when they need it.“   —Henry

“My favorite part was mixing the mycelium together with water and flour and putting it into bags to grow. It can be molded into almost any shape that you can imagine! I am so excited that you’re coming in tomorrow to see what we’re doing in Mushroom Maestros! I can’t wait to show you all the stuff we’ve done!”   —Liam

“I’ve never heard our son so excited about school! He told me he wants to be a “computer programmer… well, an engineer” when he grows up and that he’ll go to a “computer college.” He’s always been into this sort of thing, but we don’t really know anything about it to help him learn more at home. I’d LOVE to see more of this kind of hands-on learning.” —Parent

“I never knew how much my 8-yearold daughter would enjoy STEM and learning via CreositySpace in the classroom. She is now inspired to be a scientist and comes home each day asking to use the computer to research new ideas! This program should be integrated into every curriculum K-12!” —Parent


“It is undeniable that there is a disconnect, especially at the elementary level, between technologies and companies that exist (or are on the rise) that have potential to change the way we view the world. It is tremendously beneficial for elementary students to learn about these technologies and companies.” ​— Jason, Superintendent, Schodack, NY

“This kind of program is just what is called for with the new common core, students are given some brief background material and then asked to apply and think about what they have been presented.” —Seth, Science Coordinator, Troy Central School District

“Partnering with CreositySpace was an absolute program highlight. As a service event producer, their Innovation Challenge model offered a user-friendly format for our team to plan a project for our corporate partner looking to engage local youth with a tech innovation project. Their consulting was highly customized as they made themselves available for every phase of planning, mentor training, and logistics. Expensive materials and equipment were not needed, and most important teen participants were highly engaged and created fascinating inventions that would be successful in today’s market.” —K. Davis L.A. Works

“STEM programs like this one are vital to ensure that the students of today are equipped to compete in the global innovation economy of tomorrow.” —M. Shorenstein, NY President, AT&T

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