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Change How Students See Themselves Using Science

CreositySpace K-5 curriculum offers a unique and engaging way to “hook” elementary students on STEM through innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as move educators from teacher-directed instruction toward student-led, inquiry-based discovery.

Our instructional materials are aligned to the National Science Framework. CreositySpace gives teachers the necessary flexibility to deliver the content in a way that best suits their students' needs.

CreositySpace combines a 3-dimensional, phenomena-based approach with the personal stories and technology discoveries of today’s young entrepreneurs to help educators engage all learners in STEM and career exploration before they opt out.

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A hovercraft device made with a balloon and a CD

Draft Dodgers

Three young girls do experiments with soil

Soil Savers

1st Grade

An unusual Lego creation

Inventor Inklings

A burr and a velcro shoe

Copy Catters

an image using night vision googles

Virtual Tracers

2nd Grade

a small green wall (a wall with plants on it)

Green Architects

A chemistry experimental set up

Polymer Prodigies

3rd Grade

A number of platers made out of mycellium products

Mushroom Maestros

Artistic models of bacteria

Contagion Crushers

A water filtration experiment

Water Watchers

4th Grade

students building an electrical circuit

Circuit Creators

A picture of two spinal implants

Spine Fixers

Students working on model wind turbines

Wind Harnessers

5th Grade

The design of a solar powered invention

Sun Catchers

Students developing coin batteries

Battery Builders

Students developing their own community design

Community Designers

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(all grades)

A girl showing her invention

Book Of Ideas

A picture of a kit with components to inspire invention

Makerspace Packs

A picture of a kit with components to inspire invention

My Creo-Space

All CreositySpace science and engineering units can be used as supplemental or comprehensive curriculum. For the detailed K-5 Year-At-A-Glance please select the appropriate link