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CreositySpace curricula and instructional materials draw from theories on visible learning, student-directed teaching, and cross-curricular instruction. Learn more here (PDF).

Science Standards

CreositySpace curriculum was developed in accordance with the national science framework. Upon request CreositySpace will provide educators the specific standards-alignment appropriate for your school district.
Forty-four states have either adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) standards or have developed their own standards based on the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education.

Click here for a map of K-12 Science Standards Adoption.

Click here for information on which states have adopted the NGSS or similar standards (PDF)

Click here for our Decoding the NGSS series (PDF)

Check Out Our Book List of Favorite Stories for Home & Classroom

Book List
​​A note about your classroom library & science class: While all kids are naturally creative and curious, not everyone wants to be a scientist or engineer. Some students identify as arts-related or socially-related, not STEM-related. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in science, though.

Tech companies hire many people from non-STEM backgrounds to build the diverse teams needed grow strong companies. These include writers, artists, historians, communicators, analysts, lawyers, and specialists in law and human resources, to name some. The common thread among them all? A curiosity and interest in science. 

The books on this list are a great way to engage all your students in science class and fuel their wonderful, big ideas! These stories will help them connect to science and the world around them by showing them the power of ideas and our own interests and talents.”

Innovation Challenges

Getting students to connect with, and see value in, their ideas is a critical piece of all learning. This is especially true for teaching STEM. Open-ended innovation prompts and challenges are a great way to foster this kind of learning environment. The attached PDF file provides a number of open ended prompts that are suitable for students of all ages.

Innovation Challenges (PDF)

STEM at Home

Need some quick STEM investigations for at home or after school? Check out our STEM-At-Home activity list.

Remote Learning

CreositySpace curriculum is built for both classroom and remote learning. Learn more here.