Water Watchers

How do we ensure everyone has the water they need?

Having access to clean drinking water is a basic need for every living creature, but for so many people knowing if they’ll have clean drinking water each day is far from certain. That’s where Huda and her team at PV Pure come in. Learn how they are working to make flexible small-scale water purification plants that can be used in rural and hard-to-reach communities around the world. These plants don’t need a lot of infrastructure or expertise to run and have the potential to change millions of lives.

Using the question of “How do we ensure everyone has the water they need?” as the overarching phenomenon, students will explore the various aspects of purification, water availability, weather, and engineering as they ask themselves:

"How can we provide safe water to rural and hard to reach communities?" 


What happens when you live at the end of the water pipe?