Individual Kit – Fantastic Fungi


So much packaging waste!!

There is no denying online ordering has increased incredibly and along with it the waste created from all that packaging. What if I told you there was an alternative to the bubble wrap, plastic air bags, and Styrofoam molds?

Well there is! And it can be found in the fantastic world of the fungi! In this kit students explore how mushroom technology is changing the way we think about packaging, sculpture, and many other things.

Pulled directly from our Mushroom Maestros unit, students explore a mushroom-based alternative to plastic packaging that is both good for the environment and a a source of inspiration for scientists and artists alike.

Each kit contains a starter bag of mushroom materials, extra grow bags, flour, planter molds, and an experiment notebook. Lesson guide available on orders of 25 or more.

Suitable for ages 8 – 15.