Group Program – Hiding In Plain Light


The Hiding in Plain Light group program is designed to introduce participants to the science and art of light-based technologies. This program was originally developed for, and used by, the New York Academy of Sciences.

While the program is formatted to fit a 10-session/ 1-hr per session format, sessions can easily be extended or combined to fit your program needs. Sessions/topics include:

  • Exploring the components of light through polarizing films and 3D glasses,
  • Creating optical illusions and zoetropes,
  • Exploring light interactions with kaleidoscopes, light mazes, fiber optics and fractals
  • Solar energy and solar circuits
  • Light-based innovation challenge

Each kit contains: Experimental supplies and student notebooks for up to 20 participants, a detailed lesson guide, instructional slide deck and how-to videos for session facilitators. Standard classroom supplies (e.g., scissors, tape, coloring supplies) and advanced prototype building materials are not provided. Suitable for ages 8 – 15.