Individual Kit – Neighborhood Invention Challenge


Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall – whatever the season sometimes it’s hard to get kids away from their devices and out of the house. Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of the house when the weather outside is less than perfect. That’s where we come in with the Neighborhood Invention Challenge!

Kids are naturally curious and imaginative and our Neighborhood Invention Challenge helps to fuel (and channel) that creative spirit. The Book of Ideas young inventor journal and The Most Magnificent Thing storybook encourage kids to see value in their ideas and contraptions. This inspiration is then put to use as kids embark on our Neighborhood Invention Challenge and set off to explore their neighborhood to find the spark for their next creation.

Each Seasonal Pack contains – One copy of the Book of Ideas, a storybook, a seasonal Neighborhood Invention Challenge guide, and a small notebook & pen

Each All Four Seasons Pack contains – Three copies of the Book of Ideas, a storybook, all four season Neighborhood Invention Challenge guides, and three small notebook & three pen (great for families with multiple children).

Appropriate for kids 4 – 12