My STEM Explorer Kit Content

Listen to Oli talk about innovation and the ​Book of Ideas 

Want to take your invention to the next level? 

Here are some suggestions:

    • Build a prototype
    • Find and talk to some experts
    • Research what other kid entrepreneurs have done next
    • Do some research to see if anyone else has invented their idea before
    • Look for location invention competitions
    • Reach out to your friendly neighborhood CreositySpace contact.

Hear from some of the entrepreneurs profiled in the My STEM Explorer kit

Huda’s Story

Colleen’s Story

“Lesson” Videos and Links to Support My STEM Explorer Kit Investigations

Click on the video to the left to learn about bacteria and about how Vyv (formerly Vital Vio) is using lighting to revolutionize cleaning of public spaces like schools and hospitals.​

Click on the videos to the left to learn about water quality and water purification.

Click on the video to the left to learn how ecoSpears is helping remove contaimnants from soil to help marine ecosystems.

Here are some of our favorite online resources

Living Walls


​Here are some short videos about the plants in the Amazon Spheres: