Group Program – Afterschool Innovation Challenge Pack


While some people find a blank slate energizing and motivating, others can find it a bit intimidating. The same can be said for a new makerspace with its endless possibilities and focus on more freeform creativity.

That’s where the CreositySpace’s Makerspace and Innovation curriculum can help.

Built upon the components of our Makerspace Launch and Challenge curricula, the Afterschool Innovation Challenge Pack is a simplified program that guides participants through the invention and engineering design processes. Each Pack includes:

  • 30 copies of the Book of Ideas
  • 30 sets of Innovation Challenge Process cards
  • 30 My Invention Workbooks
  • 30 Innovation Posters

With short simple instructions and flexibility in delivery and execution, the Afterschool Innovation Challenge is perfect for programs where participant attendance can fluctuate from session to session.

Suitable for ages 8 – 15